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Unplug yourself and fully reconnect your senses through intimacy and pleasure
Tantra Coaching, Tantra Massage, relationship and intimacy workshops, 
BDSM training for Individuals, Couples, & Groups,
Grantham, East Midlands
Intimacy and Relationships
So you are wanting more intimacy in your life or to rediscover that spark which first brought you together.
Maybe you have been together for a while and now find yourself in a routine.  Maybe you have children and seem to have no energy or drive to engage with your partner on an erotic level.  Chris and Kat at Carnal Pleasures offer sessions that will support and build healthy intimate relationships, regardless of what stage of life you are at…
Incorporating fun little games to enhance and energise each other, to authentically communicate with each others’ needs and desires along with discovering that pleasure and intimacy are much more than just intercourse…
Sessions are designed uniquely for your intimacy and relationship requirements and they can include:
  • Erotic massage techniques
  • Learning how to ask for what you really want
  • Sensate focus touch
  • Erotic BDSM for couples