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Unplug yourself and fully reconnect your senses through intimacy and pleasure
Tantra Coaching, Tantra Massage, relationship and intimacy workshops, 
BDSM training for Individuals, Couples, & Groups,
Grantham, East Midlands
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Chris & Kat - Carnal Pleasures 
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We are Chris and Kat, creators of Carnal Pleasures, a place to excite, awaken and deepen to your full sexual potential.

Kat is a sex educator, somatic sexologist and highly experienced Pro Domme.  She has dedicated her life to supporting others and herself in order to expand and deepen to the pleasures of a fully integrated sexual way of living. Over the years Kat has explored and studied the vast realm of human sexuality. Kat has trained with many of the leading sex positive pioneers, including Dossie Easton, Jospeph Kramer, Barbara Carrelas (Urban Tantra)and Kenneth Ray Stubbs to name a few.

Chris is a pleasure activist and has spent many years delving deep into his own sexuality and supporting others to awaken to theirs.  He has extensive experience in Tantra (including the couples training programme with Hilly Spenceley - founder and creator of Shakti Tantra), BDSM and alternative relationship models.
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